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Biblical Missiology

a university course in cross-cultural mission


This course will equip your students or  fellowship to

       • Understand what the Old and New Testaments say about mission.

       • Assess the mission strategies adopted by Jesus and by Paul.

       • Evaluate diverse cultures from a biblical perspective.

       • Address some important controversial issues in world mission.

       • Understand the sociology and psychology of conversion.

       • See how the history of gospel mission may help us today.

       • Prepare to go into an unreached area and present the gospel to an unreached  people.   

       • Develop strategies suited to the particular people you are approaching.

       • Recognize and overcome many of the difficulties faced by pioneer missionaries.

CD-Rom contains teacher’s notes, written assignments, class notes, required reading and recommended texts.

Course book (160 pages, A4 size, with wire binding) contains teacher’s notes, written assignments and class notes.





Provided free of charge as a contribution to the work of the gospel in all the world.

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The Love of God -

      Is anyone there?


For each of us there are moments when we wonder about God. The feeling may quickly pass and leave no trace. It may suggest something to think about when time allows. It may mark the first step in an urgent quest that will not rest until fully satisfied.

      Belief is a personal thing. We do not like to trespass on the holy ground of another person’s faith. We may not find it easy to talk about our own. But our beliefs make us the people we are, affecting all we say and do.

      This is not a book about church or religion or even about faith. It is a quest for God himself. We may carry wounds and scars, honest doubts or deep regrets, but still we’d like to know what can be known about the God who is, we think, somewhere not far away.

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Mission Strategies Then and Now -

      an introduction to biblical missiology


Every day our world grows more like the Roman Empire – people travelling widely, learning new languages, becoming multi-cultural. The early churches had a mission strategy for such a context. Would it work today?

      Our mission to the nations was planned and launched by Jesus and his apostles. So what did they have in mind? How would they respond to new cultures, pioneer unreached areas, unite caring with teaching, finance church and mission, appoint indigenous leaders, overcome prejudice and opposition, help converts become disciples, persuade people holding other beliefs, recruit and train young missionaries, start churches that grow and reproduce? What strategies did they use? How effective were they? And could we do the same?

      The New Testament was written as Jewish history, an account of God himself at work. Every incident is significant, every decision momentous, every detail designed to teach us something. But are we reading it as its writers intended? Have we overlooked God’s own paradigm for mission?

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Father of Faith Missions -

      the life and times of Anthony Norris Groves.


Anthony Norris Groves was an English dentist who read his New Testament very carefully. He found in it promises and instructions given by Jesus and wondered why no one seemed to have noticed them before. He thought that churches and missions might achieve more if they followed the methods of their Lord and his earliest disciples. It was a theory he would put to the test.

      In 1829 he and his wife Mary sold their possessions, gave what they had to the poor, and set off for the East, trusting simply in the care of their heavenly Father. They settled with their two small boys in a house with a courtyard in the old Muslim capital of Baghdad. Here they spoke about faith, hope, and love to anyone who would listen… until plague struck the city, followed by cholera, famine, floods and civil war…!

      Here is the story of a grand experiment in authentic Christianity, a story of faith, of hesitant faith, frustrated faith, courageous faith, faith that survived tears and finally won its reward… faith that inspired four generations of faith missions.


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This Holy Seed -

      faith, hope and love in the early churches of North Africa


Starting where the Acts of the Apostles ends, This Holy Seed carries the story of the early church along the southern shores of the Mediterranean as far as the Atlantic Ocean and up to the Arab conquest.

      Considering the reasons for the spectacular growth of the early church in North Africa and the causes of its equally remarkable collapse, This Holy Seed identifies the greatest lesson of Christian history: that churches flourish and grow so long as they follow Biblical principles, but sicken and die when they abandon them.

      The narrative introduces us to some memorable characters – Tertullian, Cyprian, Augustine of Hippo, Origen, Perpetua and her friends – people whose names are now all but forgotten in “the land of the vanished church”. Referring back to the original documents, this unusual book recounts their dramatic story of daring faith, loyal devotion and love that was undeniably stronger than death.

      This Holy Seed offers a thoroughly evangelical view of Christian history and throws down a serious challenge for the churches of our own day.


“extensively researched and superbly written” (Evangelicals Now)

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L héritage chrétien en Afrique du Nord

      Une étude historique à partir du premier siècle jusqu au Moyen Âge

      (traduction française du livre This Holy Seed)


Dans bien des régions de l’Afrique du Nord subsistent des ruines d anciens édifices chrétiens. Que savons-nous de la civilisation complexe et la religion élaborée dont témoignent si clairement ces restes ?

      Sur les rayons de nos bibliothèques nous rencontrons bon nombre d’oeuvres écrites par des savants nord-africains tels Augustin, Cyprien et Tertullien. Quelles étaient les croyances de nos célèbres ancêtres ?

      Ce livre fascinant nous éclaire sur une partie fondamentale de notre héritage culturel et religieux.

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Pretty as a Moonlit Donkey –

      A Whimsical Jaunt Down the Proverbial Byways of Moroccan Folklore


260 proverbs in Moroccan Arabic and southern Berber, with English translation and commentary, illustrating many aspects of daily life.

      Enjoyable for the tourist and instructive for the linguist.


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The Primitivist Ecclesiology of Anthony Norris Groves – CHURCH AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE

      a radical influence on the nineteenth century protestant church in Britain


For Anthony Norris Groves the New Testament was a divinely inspired manual for church and mission. His writings and example launched a back-to-the-Bible movement that has flourished from the early nineteenth century to the present day.

      Groves’ primitivist ecclesiology became characteristic of the open Brethren, and through Brethren influence in faith missions and university Christian unions has entered the mainstream of evangelical life in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.


“Dann’s examination of Groves as a radical is thorough and will establish itself as the standard treatment for those interested in either Brethren or primitivist ecclesiology, nineteenth-century Anglican seceders and restorationism” (Neil Dickson, review in Ecclesiology 8 (2012) 241–281).

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The Primitivist Missiology of Anthony Norris Groves –  MISSION AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE

      a radical a radical influence on nineteenth-century Protestant mission


How can churches that are planted by missionaries become indigenous? This question has troubled mission leaders for two centuries. Varied schemes have been proposed for the transfer of authority, property and finance to suitably trained nationals but it has not been easy.

      Norris Groves advocated a different approach which he claimed to find in the New Testament, suggesting that churches should be indigenous from the start. With no buildings to maintain, no salaries to pay, no organisation to oversee, he encouraged his converts to meet without foreign supervision or control.

      His principles were adopted in India by John Arulappan and Bakht Singh, and in China by Watchman Nee, who all became leaders of flourishing indigenous movements. Like Groves, they looked directly to the New Testament as their guide to church and mission strategy.


“a work of impressive scholarship, founded on wide reading in both primary and secondary sources... Dann’s case is more subversive of missiological orthodoxy than he admits, but it deserves careful evaluation.” (Brian Stanley, review in International Bulletin of Missionary Research, July 2008)

£8.50 per copy PLUS postage and packing


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