Overseas Publishing and Literature

Used Theological Books and Bibles

Part of OPAL’s ministry of serving churches and Christian leaders in the Majority World is making available to Bible Schools, libraries and training programmes good-quality used evangelical theological books that have been donated. OPAL is committed to getting theological resources to where they are most needed, so re-purposing donated books ensures they continue to be used by people hungry for Christian teaching, and have limited resources for their training. We are convinced that Christian literature has the power to change lives. This is true of new books as well as older books which have been donated to us, many of which are theological classics.

OPAL produces a catalogue of the used books it has available which is regularly updated. From this Bible Schools and Training programmes in the Majority World are able to choose the books they most need. OPAL makes no charge for the books, and just requests that carriage costs are wherever possible covered by those receiving the books.

If your ministry is in the Majority World and you would like to choose some of these books, please contact us.

Listing the books does not mean we agree with every view expressed but we believe there is much of value to the discerning reader in the volumes listed.

Subject to availability, we can make up boxes of Bibles and other theological books, to meet specific requirements.

Donations are welcome.

"Your donation will enable ministers and missionaries to access affordable quality Christian literature, Bibles and resources they need for their ministry in the Majority World.”

Donations of Evangelical books that would be particularly suitable are:

  • Bibles in most translations and other languages.

  • Bible Commentaries.

  • Bible Dictionaries.

  • Study Bibles.

  • Books on specific theological topics – eg God, The Trinity, the Cross, the Incarnation, etc.

  • Books on Christian living – eg Prayer, Discipleship.

  • Books on Preaching, Pastoral Care, and Evangelism.

  • Books on Family Life and Relationships.

  • Books on mission.

  • Books on Christian ethics.

  • Church history books, especially those about Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Good quality Christian books for Children and Young People (but not fiction in a western-world setting).

  • Items not considered suitable for use in the Majority World may be sold to raise funds for the ministry.

If you have books you would like to donate, please contact us to discuss the best way to do this, or find local collection points.